Copper Cookie Cutters Handmade in the USA!

We’d love to create a cookie cutter just for you. Maybe we already have it in stock or maybe you have a special shape in mind.
We handcraft our cookie cutters one at a time from heavy weight solid copper. Let us know if we can help you in anyway with your shopping experience and we will do what we can to help.
Poodle Mold ready to work

One at a Time

Made to last for generations. Where else can you get something that should last a few hundred years or so for under $15.00?

Hand Soldering Copper Flamingo Cookie Cutter

Made with Love, each one is ..

Our Cookie Cutters are Special, from the moment you feel the weight and see the shine, you know love goes into each one!

Handmade in the USA Means Quality First

Signed by the Artist

Each cookie cutter is proudly hand formed and hand signed by the Artist. We guarantee the quality of each cookie cutter.

Copper sourced from the USA

USA Copper, USA Cookie Cutters

Our Cookie Cutters are made from Solid Heavyweight Copper. American Copper.

Each cookie cutter is a unique handmade work of art.

Collectible Small Production

Even our most popular cookie cutter sold under 2000 units last year, each one is signed, dated, and oh so unique!!

Copper sourced from the USA

Why Heavyweight Copper ?

Copper Doesn’t Rust or degrade with time, and it is tough enough to hold it’s shape, so your traditions can be passed down, generation after generation.

Our Mission

To create heirloom quality cookie cutters by hand in the USA.

Our Story


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